NewsFlash: I WUZ gonna write about Self-Warming Dog Beds, but I gotta write about these: The Indoor/Oudoor “Shebang” Dog Beds. First, because I like the word ‘shebang’, and next because they got a sort of- designer clout.

Notice my pooch friends livin’ the life of Riley? Picture YOUR pooch or pooches in these Indoor AND Outdoor Shebang Dog Beds. Picture them cozy on the hearth, or outside basking.

The INDOOR / OUTDOOR “SHEBANG” DOG BEDS come in six Shebangin’ earth colors that don’t scream at you, but definitely get noticed: Green Plaid, Blue Plaid, Tan Plaid, Solid Green, Solid Blue, and Solid Tan.


Humans are gonna love this: they’re sold at upscale retailers like L.L.Bean™, Orvitz™, and Skymall™ for UP TO TWICE THE PRICE!

Oh- and also they’re made of 100% polyester. But are you ready for this- the Shebang Dog Beds are UV PROTECTED to keep from fading!

(Even me and my FRIENDS can hang in one of those Shebang Dog Beds.)

Uh-oh, gotta tell Melinda about this. She’s gotta put these INDOOR / OUTDOOR “SHEBANG” DOG BEDS on her site. Might as well give her something to do.

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Welcome to our new blog, “!” Perhaps you might be familiar with our sister blog Well, we’re a lot alike. Except WE (my sisters Fluffy & Simi, and me, Vinnie) are in charge of THIS one.

Our boss assigned me and my sisters to take turns blogging. Oh…yeah! Our topics will be all about pet stuff, mostly what you might like to buy from (We think that’s a stroke of genius on her part. Better she go out and get us stuff to write about.)

Thank you for sharing, and on behalf of PetsInThreadsBlog and CanineTrackers.Wordpress, we hope to be with you for a long time!

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P.S.—Trust me-we don’t need opposable thumbs.

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